One click email

December 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

simply go to you will get an inbox in one click.

Some times we have to create lots of email address for testing purposes. We will be getting irritated with the several process in creating an email account. Here is a simplest way of getting it done.


javascript validations

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Here are some commonly required validations.

Most of the time we validate form fields for null values. Ignoring the fact, entering only spaces are also null ;).

So hope the following snippet will help you in preventing users from entering only spaces in a form field.

function checkValidData(v)
var sRegEx=/^[0-9A-Za-z]+$/; //^[a-zA-z]+$/
if( sRegEx.test(v) ){
return true;
} else {
alert(”Please fix”)
return false;

Some other regular expression which can be used for some important validations.

  • restrict the filed so that it accepts only numbers /^[0-9]+$/
  • field accepts mixture of text, numbers and spaces /^[0-9a-zA-Zs]+$/

Some funny replacement for traditional regular expressions

  • Any number [0-9] -> d { [0-9] can be replaced with d }
  • Not number [^0-9] -> D
  • alphanumeric character [a-zA-Z-0-9_] -> w
  • NON-alphanumeric character [^a-zA-Z-0-9_] -> W

Something useful 🙂

  • whitespace -> s
  • NON-whitespace -> S
  • newline -> n
  • tab -> t

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