Small trick and tip to do testing during development

October 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Huh … the normal response from a web developer when they hear this term. Its very difficult game for web developer to give 100% bug free module all the time. There might be a chance that some times a small change style will be thrown back with bug. Then as a result frustrations, arguments, struggles late night working and bla bla.

I think at least 50% of the developers had been gone through this kind of experience, I am one of them.
Is there any way that we can at least reduce the number of bugs on each delivery ? This is what I would like to cover here.

For sure we have to accept the fact that “its our fault”.

So “prevention is better than cure “. Make sure you have covered all the areas where a threat can happen. List the areas you have covered when you deliver the finished module and give the prepared list along with this deliverable. That’s it chapter closed. Both side can agree what has been done and what has been checked.

Now, how we can make a list of what are things have to be checked. Its simple, I have some check-list that I am following during the development stage.

      Pre-Dev listing
  • Take a piece of paper, write down the key points of your requirement
  • Draw a rough diagram of the functional flow
  • identify the number of input(s)to be collected
  • List the possible data that an interested user will enter
  • List the possible data that a user might enter by mistake
    1. Post Dev Testing
  • Validate all the fields ( mandatory and others )
  • Try the validations with JS turned on and off
  • Check the application in all the browsers ( currently i will check in IE,FF, Chrome and Safari )
  • Make sure the interface is matching with the actual layout
  • Make sure you have covered the invalid/no out put regions with proper message ( for eg If no data available to display then show “Nothing to display” etc )
  • Make sure data has been entered in to the database successfully
  • Always try to cover internal error messages( syntax errors, warnings etc ) with custom error messages
  • Welcome more ideas 🙂


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