Show task bar in extended display in Windows 7

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Please follow this link, it will be very useful.


Reset drupal admin password

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UPDATE users SET name='admin', pass='$S$Drl0vgZ9yuU9uc4JyaTMHxMPriC7q/PsOUOx52fCrVQSTpI/Tu4x' WHERE uid = 1;


phpMyAdmin shows table description instead of table name

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Navigate to the the landing page of phpmyadmin.

From there Settings > Navigation Frame > Tables > and set “Display table comment instead of its name” to “no/nested”


Onclick opensource installation

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After setting up a new machine,normally we have to install commonly used applications indivudally,like skype,firefox, win-rar etc.
Visit this site to do all this operations together.

US address for testing

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Use the following links, to get us address for testing purpose. This is sharing only for software application testing purpose. I am not responsible for any kind of issues.

Google data center

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Magento Change admin password

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If you want to change magento admin password simply run this query

UPDATE admin_user 
SET password=CONCAT(MD5(‘qXpassword’), ‘:qX’) 
WHERE username=’admin’;

Replace password with new one